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wxm-70 hydraulic busbar punching tools
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model tonnage(t) aperture
max.thickness(mm) throat th (mm) weight(kg) volume
lron sheet copper busbar
wxm-70/ch-70 35 φ3/8-φ3/4 8mm 12mm 110 37.5 33×20×39

standard dies(inch/mm): φ3/8(11.1).φ1/2(14.3).φ5/8(17.5).φ3/4(20.6)×4set

product description:

wxm-70 hydraulic punching tool specialized for punching “l” shape or “h” shape of copper and aluminum sheet.

the bottom of the tool with flat seat design to ensure stable placement.

it can match pumps wxb-700 and wxb-630a/zcb-65 electric pumps.


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