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testing meters for solar power station
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sm206 solar power meter for solar research and solar radiation measurement:

sm206 used in solar radiation measurement, solar research, physical and optical experiments, metrology, and agriculture.

sm206 solar power meter

solar meter for solar power station

products description:

this meter is a precision instrument for measuring the glass light intensity. it is used in solar radiation measurement, solar research, physical and optical experiments, metrology, and agriculture. it can also be used to measure glass light intensity to verify glass properties.

display: 3 3/4lcd display, maximum displayed numerical value 3999

resolution: 0.1w/mm2, 0.1btu/(ft2-h)

error range: +-10w/mm2 (+-3 btu/(ft2-h)) or +-5% of the measured value

temperature error: +-0.38w/m2/degree

overload display “ol”

range: 0.1~399.9 w/m2, 1~3999w/m2, 0.1~399.9 btu/(ft2-h), 1~3999btu/(ft2-h)

sampling time: 0.5 second

operating environment: temperature: 0~50 centigrade (32~122 fahrenheit)

power: one 9v battery (model 6f22)

dimension: 132l*60w*38h (mm).

solar power meter

solar power meter packing


sm2108 digital clamp meter for solar power system with iec61010-1 & iec61010-032 standard

sm2108 digital clamp meter detail:

sm2108 digital clamp meter

6600 counts mini true-rms ac/dc current digital meter with inrush function.


•      conform to the iec61010-1 & iec61010-032 standard

•      double insulation (protection class 600v cat iii and pollution degree 2)

•      inrush function

•      the over-molding rubber case protects the meter to be stronger

•      clamp on frequency function

•      auto range/manual range

•      data hold

•      maximum/minimum value measurement

•      auto power off

•      back light

•      jaw lighting

•      display: 6600 counts

•      dc current: 66a/660a ±3.0%

•      ac current: 66a/660a ±3.0%

•      dc voltage: 660m/6.6/66/600v ±0.8%

•      ac voltage: 660m/6.6/66/600v ±1.0%

•      resistance: 660/6.6k/66k/660k/6.6mω±1.0%, 66mω ±2.0%

•      capacitance: 6.6µ/66µ/660µ/6.6m/66mf±4.0%

•      frequency: 10 to 10khz±2.0% (from test terminal)

•      frequency: 10 to 1khz±2.0% (from current clamp)

•      duty cycle: 10% ~ 95%±3.0%

•      continuity checking with buzzer

•      diode test

•      max. diameter for conductor: φ26mm

•      power: 1.5v (aaa) x 3

•      size: 208mm x 78mm x 35 mm

•      weight: approx. 340g (w/o battery)

sm2108 digital clamp meter for solar system

sm2108 packing


st652 infrared thermometer for solar system, safety-inspect, fire inspect, power vehicle and diesel engine, plastic factory ect.
st652 precise infrared themometer

st652 infrared themometer

products description:

noncontact measuring;

inside laser aimer;

the ratio of the distance and target size: d:s=12:1

auto-data hold and auto-turn off (auto turn off after 15sec. when release the button).

a great many of emissivity symbol;

use abroad: can used for food, safety-inspect, fire inspect, power vehicle and diesel engine, plastic factory ect.

can select centigrade/ fahrenheit

resolution: 0.1 centigrade (0.2 fahrenheit)

overload display: --ol—

measuring range: -25~600 centigrade (-13~1,112 fahrenheit)

response time: 0.5sec

spectral response: 8~14um

emissivity: 0.99/0.95/0.89/0.85/0.79/0.75

power: one 9v battery (model 6f22)

measuring precision: -25~600 centigrade, +-(1.5%+1 centigrade), -13~1,112 fahrenheit, +-(1.5%+ 1 fahrenheit)

operating environment: temperature: -10~40 centigrade (14~104 fahrenheit), relative humidity: 10~80%rh

st652 packing


iws-150 mini digital protractor with anchor-network support huge drilling in coal mine medium hard (f<=10).

iws150 mini digital protractor

iws-150 mini digital protractor small light and portable, with large lcd display for reading, ip54 protection degree.

product description

1. small, light (about 127g) and portable.
2. large lcd display for reading.
3. ip54 protection degree.
4. measure data holding.
5. magnet in measuring faces can be easy attracted to the object to be measured.
6. display always reads upright, no matter which way the mini protractor is turned.
7. degree and slope conversion.
8. auto power off, low battery warning.
9. measuring range: 4*90; resolution: 0.1°.
10. battery type: 3v cr2032*3; working temperature: 0~40degree.
11. relative humidity: 40%~80%. dimension: 2"*2"*1".

application: anchor-network support huge drilling in coal mine medium hard (f<=10).

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